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A one-room school was a building that consisted of a single teacher that would instruct children of all ages and grades, in a single room. This type of education was common across Canada from the late nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century. In 1910, Alberta had approximately 1,500 school districts operating over 1,000 schools.

The closest district to what is now Edson was Division 12. This division consisted of 84 schools over various different years of zoning, including the schools in this project; Moose Lodge, Bickerdike (Big Eddy), Marlboro, Trail, Little Sundance, Pine Grove, Yates, Spruceland, Spreen Flats, Drostan, North Rosevear, Lakeland - Mussels, Lakeland, Shining Bank Hill, North Derby, Pella, Fulham, McLeod Valley, Rosevear, Rosevear Consolidated, East Rosevear - Crawford, Peers County and Hamlet, South Carrot Creek, Mountain Ash, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek Consolidated, Moose Creek, Tollerton, Edson Cottage Schools, Erith, Weald, Erith River, Hanlan Creek, Embarass River, Robb, Robb - Bryan, Coalspur, Stereco, Foothills, Coal Valley, Mercoal, Cadomin, Mountain Park x 3, Luscar

The Red Brick Arts Centre and Museum is constantly trying to add to their one-room school exhibit.

If you have any information about the schools on our list please click the questionnaire button below or you may contact the staff by phone (780-723-3582), email (, or in person!

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The Schools listed in the picture to the left are of interest to our exhibit. If you have any information, photos or a great story Please let us know! Your story and/or photo will be added to our display and our booklet about the project.

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The picture to the right is our current one room school display in our east stairwell looking up. We are looking for photos and information of the schools to finish creating our display.

Note the large water pump from the original Pine Grove school.

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The picture to the left is part of our current one room school display on the east stairwell landing. 

We now have 22 framed schools as part of our collection! Our one room school display is now located entirely in our east stairwell. 

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Take a look at our map of the school division on the right to see where each of the one room schools are located.

We would also love to add to the one room school artifacts we have on display in our dedicated display case. The case is located at the bottom of the east stairwell. If you have any items pertaining to a one room school on the list we would love to add it to our display.

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