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Nation best-selling author (The Stump Farm) Robert J. Adams takes you on a humorous journey back to the good ol' days. 


Once again join Bobby, a child on the Stump Farm with a zest for life and harmless mischief, unaware of the hardships of the post-war years. Chuckle as his tales of adventure, when things that mattered most were as simple as a summer day at the swimming hole; an innocent encounter with the toilet tyrant; the quirky backwoods justice of Grandfather's barnyard court; harrowing experiences in an Alberta bush camp with the likes of Tiny, the homesick lumberjack; and, of course, the grandest day in small-town Alberta - a visit from the Princess. 


Cherish these heartwarming stories from Adams' childhood, memories of a nation's past relived. 

The South Road

SKU: BOK-039
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