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When Jane Phillips, who was introduced in the prequel to this work Third Time Lucky, is given the opportunity to fufill her secret dream of becoming a school teacher, and eventful new chapter is opened in her life. She is still the same, indomitable Jane, fearless in the face of intimidation, but she now faces the system as her new challenges. Since her school is neither authorised by the school board, nor does she have any training as a teacher she soon runs afoul with the authorities. This leads to some interesting confrontations not onyl between Jane and the school board, but also the parents of her students who are fiercely supportive of her. 


The friends and neighbours introduced in Third Time Lucky are back again to stand behind Jane's endeavour, as is her crusty but loving husband Ethan.


The school named Opportunity is not only an opportunity for Jane to see her dream come true but an opportunity for nine brigh young minds to have their own chance to learn the basics of education. Set in the early 20th century Alberta, this is a heartwarming, sometimes humourous tale of determination and what it took to be a teacher under such adverse conditions. 

The School of Opportunity

SKU: BOK-038
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