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Luscar LTD. is one of the most successful and innovative energy companies in Canada. Behind that achievement is an intriguing story, a story not only abouur growth of the coal company, but also about social evolution and industrial growth in Western Canada. It includes the discovery and settlement of the Coal Branch of Alberta, the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and its forerunners, and the economic development of the western prairies. 


The Luscar Story is, above all, however, a profile of people; the pioneers whos physical labor was the backbone of the ventures, the investors who demonstrated faith in the newly discovered resources, and the company officals who contributed their management and leadership skills in directing the fledging company though the daily operations. But most importantly, The Luscar Story is the story of the Mitchell family, whose unique personalities and talents have over the decades guided the enterprise to its current prominence. 

The Luscar Story

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