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Following up an article in an outdoors magazine, Freelance writer Jill Tompkins sets out to find a mysterious mountain man simply known as Brother Nature or commonly Bro. He is the self-appointed protector of a beautiful stretch of forest in Montana. As she begins her trek into the forest, Jill discovers that there is more mystery here than she bargined for. She is followed by a hit man employed by a ruthless logging magnate, whose mission is to kill Bro and she is watched over by a sympathetic forest ranger. As she plunges deeper into the forest after the elusive Bro, the plot thickens, the mystery grows, and the suspense builds. 


Bro is a fast-moving tale of conservation, ecology, and defense of the innocent. It is a must read for all who fight to save our environment from those who would pillage and destroy our precious natural heritage.

The Last Tree Standing

SKU: BOK-032
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