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National Best Selling author Rober J. Adams takes you with him on his humorous real life journeys to exotic and not so exotic places in the world. 


Join Adams riding horseback with Shorty the rip snorten'est pack horse in the Canadaian wilderness; fishing in Alaska where he discovers new meaning for the term Russian Red; on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, where he finds himself a reluctant prisoner on a tour bus; in Mexico where the term, "Don't drink the water," leaves a lasting impression; in Austrailia where Adams and his wide spend a luxurious week in the not so spacious caravan, and learn the true meaning of togetherness; or when he set out on a self guided African safari only to have a show down with a defiant African elephant. 


No matter where in the world Adams takes you in The Elephant's Trunk, you are guaranteed adventure of hilarious proportions. 

The Elephants Trunk

SKU: BOK-028
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