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The emergence of printmaking as a serious art medium in Alberta artists began after the Second World War. During the next four decades, Albertan artists used their imaginations and talents to aid and stimulate this specific form of art making. These print artists were attuned to constantly exploring contemporary imagery and formal issues in their works. Their prints differed from the older, traditional prints in the choice of subject matter, techniques, and size. Albertan printmakers began using more vibrant colors, several favored larger paper surfaces, some employed photographic processes, and others incorporated several techniques within a given image. 


With over 30 color and 85 black and white reproductions, Printmaking in Alberta, 1945-1985 is a visually stimulating, comprehensive study of the print artists who have contributed to the artistic heritage of Alberta. Divided into three sections, the first part traces the development of printmaking in Canada and Alberta. Part II focuses on the Alberta print scene beginning with how the Alberta Society of Artists greatly aided the development of printmaking in the province. The third part consists of a critical analysis of 38 artists who have made major contributions to Alberta's printmaking reputation. 

Printmaking in Alberta 1945-1985

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