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Edson's Red Brick School Cornerstone was laid on a rainy afternoon on September 17, 1913. The School was completed later that year - only two years after Edson's incorporation as a Town in 1911. It was Edson's only school for Grades 1-12, until the Central School was completed in 1951. The Red Brick School remained an elementary school until 1967. From 1967-1984, Yellowhead School Division used the Red Brick School as a Maintenance Shed and Bus Barn.

Come 1984, Yellowhead School Division had moved to a new facility, leaving the Red Brick School to face demolition. A group of concerned community members created the Red Brick Aid Committee. The group was intent on preserving this community heirloom. In July of 1984, the Yellowhead School Division turned over ownership of the building to the Red Brick Aid Committee for the total of $1.00. Work began to renovate the building.

In 1986, the Red Brick Arts Centre and Museum was designated as a Registered Historic Resource with the province of Alberta. However, with changes in Alberta Government Policy, this designation was discontinued. In 2009, the Red Brick was designated to a Municipal Historic Resource through the Town of Edson.

Today ECHO - Edson Cultural Heritage Organization owns and operates the Red Brick Arts Centre and Museum. ECHO is a non-profit organization and registered charity that relies on fundraising, grants, and donations to uphold their mission of promoting local arts and culture efforts within the communityn addition to preserving the historical integrity and artifacts significant to the Red Brick School, the Town of Edson, and schools within the period of 1910 to present day.  

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